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  This website is being built primarily to recount some of my experiences, past and present, with railway modelling. You can use the menu above or follow the links to the left for more details. On the right are links to some other sites of interest.

Railway modelling is a superb hobby. At one end of the scale everything can be done by simply buying products off the shelf and setting them up on a baseboard. At the other extreme, absolutely everything can be scratchbuilt, sometimes from the most surprising (and cheap!) materials.

Layouts can be simple tailchasers, small industrial scenes, models of small country stations or of huge city terminii - and everything in between. They can be built for operating pleasure or as moving dioramas. But, however, large or small, complex or simple - they can be the product of your skills and imagination.

You can call on and develop skills as carpenter, metalworker, artist, electrician and many more. And yet you can enjoy the hobby with only some, or even none of these skills.

This is a hobby which allows you to build your own miniature world reflecting those parts of rail transport and its environs which you most love. Whether you are a loner or a social animal there is room in the hobby for you.

If you aren't already a railway modeller - consider starting - you will have few regrets. If you already are - well, you already know the truth of all this.
Links to societies I am a member of
7mm Narrow Gauge Association

The Model Electronic Railway Group


I will happily provide small Model Railway clubs with free web hosting for a single page with a couple of pictures and an email address as a subdomain of this site e.g. Contact me for details.


Banner picture is of one of my O-16.5 locos with a rake of my coaches on Richard Rundle's Pagham layout. All pictures my copyright unless stated otherwise